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New York, NY-The Fourth Annual Music Entrepreneur Conference is almost here, and the ME team has gathered another epic lineup of legends, leaders, and innovators in the music business for this year’s conference. Building a solid fanbase and sustainable music career or simply getting inspired, having fun, and connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs has never been easier.


The fourth year of the groundbreaking Music Entrepreneur Conference Series is upon us and this year’s conference has continued to grow and engage industry leaders from across the music and media industries.

This year’s speakers include industry leaders Brandon Pankey - VP of Live Nation Urban, Mike Pell - Microsoft Envisioneer, Remi Jourdan - Founder of Tunetrax, Wendy Day the OG Artist Advocate from Rap Coalition, Rob Cole Founder of CODA Music, Kwasi Asare Founder of Feedia Agency, Virginie Berger - Founder We Are Music Tech, Branden Criss and Craig King - Founders of Rapplug, and music icons including Jerry Wonda Duplessis, super producer, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has sold over 250M records to date and produced countless superstars, and numerous other music industry leaders.

MECon 2021 will showcase how artists can approach personal development and the science of productivity that can be the catalyst to set and achieve 2022 goals. During the 2-day intensive conference, streaming live from the flagship Microsoft Garage in NYC, the Music Entrepreneur masters will share their success hacks to create a strategic growth plan for 2022 that is accomplishable and data-driven.

Today, we can use data and artificial intelligence to learn faster, collaborate globally, develop and monetize a fanbase more intuitively. You tell us your goals, and we direct you how to get there. Learn about all the brilliant tech tools that help artists strategize, get organized, and develop a sustainable career“, says Jalen James Acosta, Founder-CEO of World Artists United.

Music Entrepreneur is a global music business community and virtual home for music entrepreneurs to learn, grow and succeed. This year, ME is rolling out Riff, a never-before-seen AI-driven, personalized smart coach and business education tech platform. Users will have access to Riff’s proprietary “Super Fan Funnel”, an intuitive business analysis tool that unveils the potential of music fans, identifies personal gaps in marketing and highlights the steps needed to turn fans into paying superfans. MEcon sponsors include World Artists United (WAU), LiveNation Urban, The Microsoft Garage, Coda Music, Tunetrax, Feedia, VPR Radio, The Clarion Group, Rap Plug, Bitwage, and more.

This year WAU is offering MEcon to everyone to watch live for FREE! The year has been tough on all of us, so if we can share some hope, we’ve done our job!” MeCon Cofounder Rachel Karry says.

The ME community expands worldwide, from streaming in Africa to syncing in Asia and touring Europe and Latin America.

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