Business One-Pager, Personal or Business Biography

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A business one-pager is a succinct yet informative snapshot of your business services or products and their objectives. A one-pager is a tool for pitching to investors and media outlets. A Goddess Media one-pager for your business or bio for your brand will capture the voice and essence of your business and its uniqueness vs. your competitors while highlighting your successes and short, and long-term goals.

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What is a Business One-Pager?

A business one-pager is an informative snapshot of your business services, products, and objectives. A Goddess Media one-pager fluidly relays a company’s core values and essence. This document explains the history, successes, goals, market research, and target audience. 

This marketing document summarizes the base principals of your company- its mission statement, core values, and initiatives. Much like an electronic press kit, a one-pager is a great tool for pitching to investors, media outlets, and customers.

Why Should My Business Have a One-Pager?

An impressive one-pager captures the interest of potential investors and customers. It provides enough information about your business and products to pique interest, compelling those reading to reach out and gain more information about your offerings.

What Information Should a One-Pager Include?

Core identifiers of a professional one-pager are as follows:

  • Brand identity- Your company name, logo, and its tagline.
  • Positioning Statement and Product Overview- What makes your company and its products stand out among others?
  • Executive Summary- Main objectives, market research, product effectiveness, etc.
  • Contact Information- This is how they will reach out to learn more.

Personal Biography for Creatives

As a creative, you will likely require a personal biography, which serves the same purpose as a business one-pager. A biography provides background in your field, connecting to your audience thorugh the journey of your personal story. 

There is a summation of your upbringing, inspirations, and forward-seeking objectives. The format of a personal bio is similar to a business one pager.

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