High Net Academy provides live, instructor-led online education on investing and trading for retail investors.

NEW YORK – June 21, 2021 – PRLog — TG Capital Partners, LLC/ — The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in nationwide unemployment. Many scrambled to obtain supplementary income, and newfound entrepreneurs, retail traders, and investors were the result. High Net Academy is an online platform that delivers affordable, live educational classes in investing, real estate, and business. The school caters to these ‘retail’ investors that require flexibility in their schedules but are interested in investing and entrepreneurship.

High Net Academy distinguishes itself from a saturated market of online investor ‘gurus.’ The unique structure of live education delivered with a classroom-like feel and defined syllabus engages students. They are enabled and encouraged to ask questions and receive personal instruction. Further, they attend from the comfort of their homes, and each class has no more than fifteen students.

The school comprises three elements: Academy of Business, featuring course and masterclasses designed to assist budding entrepreneurs, including with a completed business plan. Academy of Finance teaches the fundamental principles, strategies, and techniques necessary for success. These courses cover hot topics of interest like trading, retirement, and estate planning. Finally, the Academy of Real Estate is an intensive, 4- week course introducing aspiring investors to the core concepts of real estate investing.

Kevin Thompson, the founder of High Net Academy, is equipped with 20 years of experience in finance, capital markets, real estate, and business. Mr. Thompson has held numerous professional licenses in securities, insurance, and real estate. Thompson also holds an MBA in Finance and BA in Business Administration from the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. As Managing Partner and Founder of TG Capital Partners, LLC, the firm has provided financial and legal due diligence for their investors with capital commitments of over 40 billion dollars to date.

Says Thompson: “There’s a profound lack of knowledge and equity in investing, which separates the 99% from the 1%. High Net provides effective, proven educational techniques and investing tools- without the gimmicks. In addition, we proudly feature a robust network of industry professionals that give back to our students, helping to construct a roadmap to success, wealth, and teaching how to build in levels and stages.”

Graduates of High Net Academy are eligible for entry into the Investor Club, where they put real-life theory into practice. The Investor Club offers the expertise of industry professionals who will speak live, practice trading and talk new plays, offer mentorship, delve into the analytics and rudiments of researching a company, technical analysis, and advanced options trading.

Enrollment remains open and students may sign up in advance via the High Net Academy website (http://www.highnetacademy.com/). For press relations, investors or inquiries, email: press@highnetacademy.com

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