Building a business empire is no easy feat. During hiccups or struggles in your business, you may experience a severe blow to your entrepreneurial self-esteem and level of motivation.

Below are some helpful tools to kickstart your creative and inspired mindset, keep your momentum at full speed, and your positivity at an optimum level!

Get Business Mentors & Coaches- Look for business coaches or others who have worked extensively in your field to become your mentor. Absorbing business wisdom during aids your entrepreneurship development and can help you be more proactive and avoid mistakes during the creation and building phase.

Create Vision Boards- Vision boards help boost productivity and positive thinking. Having a visual in front of you outlining your future goals makes goals that may seem farfetched appear more tangible.

Use Self-Motivation Books, Videos, and Other Tools- The more you surround yourself with positive encouragement in every aspect of your life, you will see improvement in all areas. Replace novels and magazines with these types of periodicals to increase the sharpness of your mind. Doing so mentally prepares you to bounce back and make good decisions when experiencing rough spots in your business.

YouTube- YouTube is a mecca of self-improvement videos. Look up motivational speeches from some of your favorite business leaders- including Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey. Hearing the stories of how multi-million and billionaires built their empires are inspiring. You may be surprised by parallels and obstacles they’ve encountered and overcome along the way.

Attend Business and Motivational Seminars- If you are more of a hands-on person, motivational and business seminars are the way to go. Surrounding yourself with like- minded individuals, entrepreneurs and mentors will leave you feeling enriched and excited about your business. You’ll also create opportunities to network with potential mentors, coaches, and even companies with which you may collaborate.

Did you know that almost 80% of small businesses close in their first four years? Often, the urge to quit is from a lack of motivation or belief in the potential of their business. Improving your mindset is life-changing! Don’t let your will to keep going under pressure kill your business and your dream. Understanding how to self-motivate and stay positive will be the key to your success!