With the Three (3) Resumes or CV and Three (3) Cover Letters Bundle, you can choose resumes tailored to specific job-types and increase your likelihood of expanding career paths and getting the job you desire. The 3-bundle-package is especially good for those that have a mixed employment history. Having a variety of resumes breaks up your skillset according to industry and job-specific duties, providing a larger net to cast for employment in different business sectors.

If your resume’s first few words and sentences aren’t captivating, it’s likely to be overlooked. An old or outdated resume or even a resume that uses general ‘resume’ keywords to describe your employment history may lead to a potential employer ignoring or dismissing you for the position.

A one-size-fits-all approach is a no-no when job hunting. If you want to land the interview and the job, your resume must speak volumes and stand out among others.

We can create or update current resumes tailored to the job and company you seek. Goddess Media maintains an outstanding 100% track record of customers landing the job they were seeking after purchasing a resume package. Each resume and cover letter will be completely tailored to particular jobs, keywords, and career paths just for you!

Most often referred to as a CV, a curriculum vitae is an overview of your life’s accomplishments in real time. As a living document, it ought to be updated regularly. In the United States, employers most often request a CV for a career or job in academics.